Quality is of paramount importance to Freeway Lighting Solutions. It's a fundamental part of our culture, and we are continually improving our working practices and processes so that we understand and meet our customers' requirements, and ultimately exceed those requirements by providing a quality of service that is second to none.

Our Quality Policy

We recognise that the future success of Freeway Lighting depends upon the products and services we supply continually meeting the requirements and expectations of our customers, and we understand that our actions and those of our suppliers affect both our customers and our organisation.

Through our Management Review Process we continually ensure that our processes remain efficient and relevant allowing us to function effectively and adjust to the varied needs of our customers.

Quality Objectives

  • To ensure that our processes are efficient, effective and relevant and are continually reviewed as part of the Continuous Sustainable Improvement Plan (C.S.I.P)
  • To achieve high levels of product quality and conformity, with a targeted customer rejection rate of no more than 1.0%
  • To continuously review, evaluate and develop our supplier base to achieve a core of preferred suppliers

In addition, our parent company, the Rebound Group, has achieved several levels of certification, and Freeway Lighting, as part of the Group, is committed to operating to these stringent quality levels. In July 2012, Rebound became the first UK electronic component distributor to achieve the prestigious SC21 Silver accreditation. Other certifications include SC21 (Bronze) (2011) and AS9120 - 2011. Through working on these excellence and quality programmes, the whole Rebound Group have seen significant improvements in the workplace and operations. These improvements have lead to a raised performance in supply chains.